29 February 2012

Update Adds 7 New Areas to Explore

With its latest update, Turbine will add seven new explorable areas to the Lord of the Rings Online – including Thinglad, Parth Celebrant, Eorlsmead, the Wailing Hills, the Limlight Gorge, the Brown Lands, and the Rushgore.


Thinglad, once part of the Golden Wood, is now a no-man’s land situated between Lothlórien and Rohan. Defined by tall, grey trees with twisted roots, the forest itself is misty and covered in shadow, with skies pale and cheerless. The storyline in this area has the player assisting sentinels of Lothlórien in their patrol of the southern border and mediating relations between the Galadhrim and Rohirrim. Additionally, heroes will be needed to scatter the Orcs and Wargs that have moved into the area before their threat grows any bigger.  

Parth Celebrant

Part Celebrant, site of fierce fighting during the Battle of the Fields of Celebrant, is also the site of a terrible betrayal by Gondorian soldiers, who allowed their fortress to fall to the Enemy in exchange for safety and riches. Here, the player will attempt to bring redemption to the traitorous dead while comforting the troubled living.


This village, though fiercely loyal to Rohan and King Théoden, has fallen into hard times, with hope being in short supply. Your goal will be to lift their spirits by assisting them with food supplies and thinning the numbers of hostile beasts in the area.

Wailing Hills

The Wailing Hills (from the Rohirric word wael ‘slaughter’) was the site at which the forefathers of Rohan destroyed a great Easterling army in order to save the forces of Cirion, Steward of Gondor. In the years that have passed, Orcs and spiders have returned to the area. It is your job to drive them out and prevent them from forming an alliance with the White Hand.

Limlight Gorge

The Limlight Gorge, an untamed wilderness situated between the Misty Mountains and the northern parts of Fangorn Forest, has been cast into deep shadow by an unnatural storm. Fearsome trolls, no longer fearing the sun, wander freely in this area and need to be hunted. Additionally, there is a mysterious grove spreading at the base of a cliff beneath the Fangorn Forest which will need to be investigated.

Brown Lands

The Brown Lands, believed to have been devastated by the power of Sauron nearly 3,000 years ago in the War of the Last Alliance, were once home to many beautiful gardens. Now inhospitable, the Rohirrim are struggling to keep an old foe at bay while they fortify themselves against the mysterious new allies of their enemies.

The Rushgore

Little is known about the treacherous marshland known as the Rushgore, which serves as a buffer between the fields of Parth Celebrant and the Brown Lands. Ruthless brigands have now become a threat to the region, and have made off with priceless relics of Rohan and Gondor; it is your task to reclaim these possessions and extend aid to the trapped and overwhelmed woodsmen.

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