03 March 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 247: the Nandor

The Nandor (Q. ‘Those who turn back’) were a group of Teleri Elves, led by Lenwë, who gave up on the Great Journey, overwhelmed by the Misty Mountains and captivated by the woods and falling waters of Wilderland. A woodland people, the Nandor had a greater understanding of living things than any of the other Elves.

Initially, they wandered down along the Anduin, but later spread throughout the Vales of Anduin, the coasts to the west of Ethir Anduin, and Eriador. Some, who reached as far as the Golden Wood, became the ancestors of the Galadhrim.  

Some of the Nandor, a branch later known as the Laiquendi, settled in Ossiriand under the leadership of Lenwë’s son Denethor; there they were reunited with another group of the Teleri – the Sindar, and later  fought in the Wars of Beleriand. But as they were lightly armed, they suffered many casualties.

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