04 March 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 248: Imlad Morgul

Imlad Morgul (S. ‘Vale of Sorcery’; ‘Valley of black magic’) was one of the western valleys of the Mountains of Shadow. Twenty miles north of Osgiliath, the land and its tower of Minas Morgul (formerly Minas Ithil) had belonged to Gondor, but around 2002 TA fell under the control of the Nazgûl. The valley was watered by the Morgulduin (formerly the Ithilduin), whose poisonous waters were also home to loathsome white flowers which emitted noxious vapours. By the end of the Third Age, the Captains of the West had set fire to the vegetation of Imlad Morgul and destroyed the bridge across the Morgulduin, but the terror of the valley was too great even after the War of the Ring for the land to be resettled.

Other Names: the Morgul Vale, Morgulvale, the Valley of the Wraiths, and the valley of Living Death.

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