08 March 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 252: Aglarond

Aglarond (S. ‘Halls-of-Glory’) was the Sindarin name for the Glittering Caves in Helm’s Deep. It was first fortified by the Dúnedain to be used with Angrenost (Isengard) as a guard post for the Gap of Calenardhon, but later became part of Rohan after the Men of Éothéod took possession of the land.

Unlike the Men of Gondor, who revered this natural wonder, the Rohirrim paid little courtesy: the Glittering Caves (which they called Glæmscrafu, ‘Caves of Radiance’) were used as store-houses to supply the fortress of Helm’s Gate – the Hornburg, the Deeping Wall, and the Deeping Tower. The caves’ beauty went unseen by the other races until the Fourth Age, when a colony of Dwarves led by Gimli settled there.  

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