26 March 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 270: Anárion

Anárion was the younger son of Elendil and the brother of Isildur. The three of them led the Faithful, those who resisted the dark rule of King Ar-Pharazôn (who had fallen under the influence of Sauron), to Middle-earth, where brothers established and jointly ruled the kingdom of Gondor (Anárion established his house in Minas Anor, and Isildur in Minas Ithil). In 3429 when Sauron attacked Gondor, Anárion defended Osgiliath and with the help of the Second Army was able to confine the Enemy to the shore of the Anduin; meanwhile, Isildur went to his father in the North, where they rallied the Dúnedain and formed the Last Alliance with the Elves. Anárion joined the Last Alliance into Mordor, where he was slain by a stone cast from Barad-dûr. He was succeeded by his fourth child, Meneldil.  

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