28 March 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 272: Stoors

The Stoors were one of the three strains of Hobbits, originally living in the upper vales of the Anduin. The last Hobbit-clan to leave the area, they were larger and heavier in build than the other two breeds – the Harfoots and the Fallohides – and were also the only group to grow beards. They also knew more about boating, swimming, and fishing.  And of the three strains of Hobbits, the Stoors were friendlier with the race of Men.

After they crossed the Misty Mountains and began traveling westward, they settled for a time in Dunland or the Angle; but with the rising of Angmar, the Angle Stoors either fled to Dunland or re-crossed the Misty Mountains and set up dwellings in the Gladden Fields. The Dunland Stoors, however, remained where they were until the founding of the Shire. They eventually joined their kinfolk, settling mostly in the Eastfarthing, near the banks of the Baranduin. Some later crossed the river to live in the area known as Buckland. By the time of the War of the Ring, Stoors were common in both the Marish and in Buckland.

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  1. Amazing! I always thought hobbits never went as far as the low lands or north from The Shire.