07 April 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth: Day 281: Curufin

The fifth son of Fëanor and the father of Celebrimor, Curufin took the Oath of Fëanor with the rest of his brothers. Of all the Sons of Fëanor, Curufin was closest to his father in temperament and abilities; after his father, Curufin was the greatest craftsman of the Noldor. However, he was also cunning and treacherous, and his deeds were the most evil. In Middle-earth, he remained in league with his brother Celegorm, with whom he had much in common. Together they fought and schemed until at last, Curufin and his brothers Celegorm and Caranthir were slain by Dior

He bore the knife Angrist until Beren took it from him.

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