13 April 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 287: the Valier

The Valier (Q. ‘Queens of the Valar’; singular Valië) were the seven most royal of the female Valar which corresponded to the seven Lords.

The seven Queens, in order of greatness, are:

Varda (Elbereth Gilthoniel ) – Queen of the Stars and the wife of Manwë

Yavanna Kementári – Wife of Aulë and the Giver of Fruits

Nienna – Lady of Mercy, sister of Mandos and Lórien

Estë the Healer – Wife of Irmo

Vairë the Weaver – Wife of Mandos

Vána – The Ever-young, younger sister of Yavanna and wife of Oromë

Nessa – The Dancer and wife of Tulkas

* Varda, Yavanna, and Nienna are accounted Aratar, members of the innermost Council of Powers (there are eight total)

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