18 April 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 292: Ulmo

Ulmo (Q. ‘Pourer,’ ‘Rainer’) is the second greatest of the Lords of the Valar, and also one of the Aratar. In his following are the Maiar Ossë, Uinen, and Salmar. A chief architect of Arda, he is in close friendship with Manwë.  A lover of water, he dwells in the Outer Ocean and governs the movement of all waters. In this way, he knows more about the goings-on with the Children of Ilúvatar than even Manwë. He rarely comes on land (and only attends the councils of the Valar when the need is great), and therefore does not assume a fana. It is said that his form would fill Man or Elf with great dread.

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