30 April 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 304: Narsil

Narsil (Q. ‘Red-and-White-Flame’), one of the most renowned weapons in the history of Middle-earth, was the sword of Elendil. Wrought by the Dwarf-smith Telchar during the First Age, it passed to the Lords of Andúnië, and after the Drowning of Númenor was carried back to Middle-earth by Elendil the Tall.

In the hands of Elendil, Narsil was an irresistible weapon: during the War of the Last Alliance, it glittered alongside the Spear of Gil-Galad (Aiglos) on the battlefield, and it proved too much for the soldiers of Sauron to withstand during the Battle of Dagorlad. But in the final hand-to-hand combat with Sauron, Elendil fell, and the great sword Narsil broke beneath him. His son, Isildur, took the hilt-shard of Narsil and with it cut the Ruling Ring from the Dark Lord’s hand. The remains of the sword were then taken back to Annúminas by the Dúnedain of the North and became one of the chief heirlooms of the North-kingdom. 

By the end of the Third Age, the sword had been reforged for Aragorn II, the Heir of Isildur, and renamed Andúril (‘Flame of the West’).

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