28 April 2012

Middle-earth Network Meet-and-Greet in LOTRO

This past Thursday (April 26), the founders of the Middle-earth Network hosted an in-game meet and greet for any members on the Landroval server to attend. We all met up at the Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving to accompany Arwen to the Gates of Imladris.

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Outside the Bird and Baby Inn

We had just reached the Brandywine Bridge in Bree when we had to stop and wait for those who had fallen behind. While we waited, several of us discussed the name and history of the bridge.

As you can see, we had a pretty good turnout, despite the last-minute advertising the day of the event. (And for whatever reason, I apparently didn't think it necessary to include screencaps from the Lone-lands.)

We decided to take a detour to the spot of Bilbo's trolls, where we all gathered for a few screenshots before continuing on our merry way.

At the Fords of Bruinen.

Just outside the Gates of Imladris.

And we've made it!

While everyone else stopped to admire Rivendell from afar, I decided a quick nap was in order.

We headed to the stables to get Arwen the Rivendell stable.

And someone pranked Arwen with a flock of birds (my favourite skill from the Fall Festival). Many of us stuck around awhile longer and chatted or used forced emotes on others; but we were eventually joined by two trolls, and a little while later, I decided it was past my bedtime.

Overall, it was a great event. Being someone who generally tends to play LOTRO solo, it was nice to group with other players again, even if we were just riding horses. This was a great way to take a break from the usual daily grind and spend some time socialising with others. The Teamspeak option was a nice feature as well, though I had been sick all week and by Thursday had lost my voice completely, and therefore had to rely only on LOTRO's /say channel. I would recommend anyone who missed out on this meet-and-greet to attend the next one, whenever it is.

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  1. I see me! That was a fun event! :D

    Great post. Nice pictures too.