02 May 2012

Post-"365 Days" Blogging

With just 59 days left in my "365 Days of Middle-earth" posts, the time has come to start thinking about what's going to fill the gap that their absence will create. Of course, I will still continue covering Hobbit movie news as best I can (which, admittedly, is sometimes hard to do, as being just one person, I can only become aware of and cover so much at a time).

I do plan on continuing those posts I started awhile back, showcasing the various items in my Tolkien/Lord of the Rings collection; but while I initially wanted to focus on just the unique and valuable items (Sideshow Collectibles products and jewellery, for example), I've decided to slowly but surely write about every item in my collection - including books, DVDs, soundtracks and inspired-by CDs, action figures, dolls, board and video games, costumes and props, and so on and so forth. I've been trying to find my own niche in the Tolkien Community, and while I am still determined to slowly make a name for myself as a respected Tolkien Scholar, I think first and foremost I have always been a collector, even before I discovered Tolkien. (Not to mention this will allow for more personalised posts, and many of them.)

I would also like to incorporate some of my Lord of the Rings Online gameplay into my blog, though there are already so many wonderful LOTRO sites out there. My LOTRO updates may be few and far between, but seeing as I Tweet about it all the time, perhaps it might be nice to include some of that in here as well.

As always, I welcome any suggestions you may have regarding the content I post (or don't post). I started blogging because I wanted to connect with other Tolkien fans, and I'd like to know what else interests you and what else you'd like to read about so I can keep providing you with an engaging and entertaining blog.

And most importantly, thank you to everyone who has visited this blog - whether you're a regular reader or you've just stumbled upon my site for the first time, I'm glad you've taken the time to read, comment, and share with your friends.


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