07 June 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 342: Amroth

Amroth (S. ‘High-climber’), son of Amdir, was an Elf-prince of the Woodland Realm of Lothlórien. Though he was Sindarin in origin, he had adopted the customs of the Wood-Elves and made his dwelling in a high house on Cerin Amroth. (He also built the port of Dol Amroth in Belfalas.) During the middle years of the Third Age, he opted to sail West over Sea with his lover, Nimrodel, abandoning his people in their time of need following Sauron's assault on the Elves of Eregion so that she would marry him after they had reached a land of peace. Long he waited for her at the Bay of Belfalas, but she never came: she had not survived the crossing of the White Mountains. After a storm broke the moorings of his ship and hurled him out to sea, Amroth, attempting to reach the shore, dove into the raging waters and was lost.

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