19 June 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 354: Amandil

Amandil, father of Elendil the Tall, was the eighteenth and last Lord of Andúnië and the last leader of the Faithful – those Númenoreans who were still loyal to the traditions of the Eldar. He was a direct descendant of Lady Silmariën and, therefore, from Elros Tar-Minyatur, the founder of Númenor; this lineage, combined with his long friendship with Ar-Pharazôn the king, provided him with the opportunity to counsel the king in matters of policy in his later days. But after Pharazôn sent a great fleet which later returned with Sauron the Great as their prisoner, all of the king’s subjects (save Amandil) were influenced to begin worshipping Melkor.  As Sauron’s favour grew, Amandil began to withdraw from the king’s presence. He went to Rómenna and secretly gathered all of the Faithful.

In his old age, Amandil heard of the Great Armament which was being built and the King’s plans to attack Aman. After warning his son Elendil about the great disaster that lay ahead, he then counseled his son to prepare ships as a means of escape when the time came. Then Amandil, with three trusted companions, sailed to Aman to seek aid from Manwë and beg the Valar for mercy (emulating his forefather Eärendil), but was never again heard from.

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