23 June 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 358: Freca

Freca, as depicted in the LOTR TCG

Freca, father of Wulf, was a Man of mixed blood – Rohirric and Dunlending – and one of the chieftains of Rohan during the reign of Helm Hammerhand.

A very rich and powerful Man, he owned much of the land near the river Adorn, and eventually became independent of the King. He attended one of the King’s councils in TA 2754 for the sole purpose of proposing a marriage between his own son, Wulf, and the King’s daughter – which Helm refused, being deeply distrustful of Freca (in addition to Freca’s being of mixed blood).

Upon insulting the King for denying the marriage proposal, Freca was slain by Helm himself. His followers allied themselves with the Dunlendings, and four years later they invaded the Mark.

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