27 June 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 362: Beleriand

Map of Beleriand; Encyclopedia of Arda

Beleriand (S. ‘Balar-land’; also called the Land of the Elves) was the home of the Grey-elves during the Elder Days of Middle-earth, and also the most westerly Elven-realm in all of Middle-earth. ‘Beleriand’ originally referred to the area surrounding the Bay of Balar, and was home to the Sindar of Doriath, but later incorporated all the lands to the west of the Ered Luin and south of the Ered Wethrin – joining the Elves of Doriath were the Laiquendi of Ossiriand, the Noldor of Nargothrond, Himlad, East Beleriand, and Thargelion, and the Edain. The chief river of Beleriand, the Sirion, divided the land into East and West Beleriand.

The land was gradually overrun by the forces of Morgoth, and all of Beleriand – save the part of Ossiriand later known as Lindon – was submerged in the Great Battle at the end of the First Age.

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