29 June 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 364: Mathoms

In Hobbit culture, a mathom was an object (of any value) for which no use could be found or remembered, but which the owner was unwilling to discard. Weapons and other gears of war, frequently displayed as trophies, were among the many types of mathoms to be found. Hobbit holes were typically crowded with mathoms, gifts that had been given from one Hobbit to the next (typically at birthdays); they may even have passed through so many hands that they had found their way back to their original owner.

The Mathom-house was the Shire’s chief museum, located in Michel Delving; it was here that old or unwanted mathoms were kept.  Bilbo loaned his mithril-mail to the Mathom-house, though he reclaimed it shortly before leaving the Shire in TA 3001. 

The Mathom-house (LOTRO); source: LOTRO-Wiki

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