15 June 2012

3D Hobbit Puzzles to Be Released This Year

Photo Source: Wrebbit Puzzles
Coiledspring Games, a company who for the past twenty years has been making 3D jigsaw puzzles – including iconic puzzles based on the Taj Mahal and Big Ben – has announced that they are working with Wrebbit on an exclusive range of Lord of the Rings puzzles, to be in stores just in time for the December 14 release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The company has previously released a few Lord of the Rings-themed puzzles, including a 400-piece Saruman’s Tower (Orthanc), a 700-piece Golden Hall (Meduseld), and an 815-piece Minas Tirith citadel. These puzzles are made from special, high-tech foam and can stand on their own without the assistance of glue. They retail between £20 and £40 ($31 to $62), and Amazon and many local jigsaw retailers have already signed on to carry these products.  

“We are delighted with The Lord of the Rings 3D jigsaws and are sure they will be enormously popular,” said Coiledspring Games director Roger Martin, “especially in the run up to the much anticipated first prequel film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”

“More importantly, we hope families really enjoy working together to build these wonderful puzzles.”

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