25 June 2012

Lord of the Rings LEGOs!!

Yesterday, I went back about ten years in time and revisited my childhood LEGO Maniac persona. Excitedly, I purchased three of the five available sets in-store from Toys 'R Us and quickly rushed home to set them up.

The "Attack on Weathertop" set was the most fun to build. I love LEGO's attention to detail - miniature statues on the top and bottom floors, a rat (not pictured) to spice up the scene, the fruits and vegetables near the campfire, and the One Ring in Frodo's hand. There's even a trap door up top, which I thought was very neat!

Next, I built the "Shelob Attacks" set. Building a giant spider from scratch was fantastic, and she even came with a roll of string to spin a web or wrap up some tasty Hobbitses. Unfortunately, Sam's back is turned, but if it weren't, you'd be able to see the Phial of Galadriel in his hand. So cool!

And last but certainly not least, the "Gandalf Arrives" set. Simple, but fun.

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  1. Wow, I'm a LEGO lover too, and I look forward to buy these sets as well, build them and keep them displayed in my room! Enjoy them! :)