21 June 2012


In this month's LOTRO Quest (put together by the amazing Bandoras), we all met up at the Rabbit Room of the Bird and Baby in Michel Delving. From there, we ventured north to Tinnundir, stopping along the way to check out various landmarks and discuss some of the wonderful lore of Middle-earth.

(Click to enlarge photos)

Our first group photo in the Rabbit Room

Waymeet: Hobbit trailer park, or gypsies?

Picking on Ted Sandyman

At the statue of Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took, inventor of the game of golf

Out of nowhere, we were attacked by a pack of wolves - and deer!

  We met Ronald Dwale (aka Tolkien) in Dwalling

 Greeting other players once we arrived at Tinnundir

 After arriving at Tinnundir, we decided to swim to Annúminas

 The Tomb of Elendil

 And one last group photo to end a wonderful evening!

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