05 June 2012

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Expansion Coming This September!

Turbine has officially confirmed the release date of the Riders of Rohan expansion. Available for pre-order now (in three varieties), the game will become available on September 5. Watch both the cinematic trailer and teaser below:

Some of the new features include:

The Rohan region – Nearly twice as large as Moria, the Rohan region will offer hundreds of new quests, new gear, new deeds, and more. Additionally, the game will now feature a level cap of 85.

Mounted combat – With the announcement of the RoR release date, Turbine has also promised a new combat system unlike anything previously seen in an MMO. With mounted combat, players will be able to team up with a fellowship to challenge groups of enemies, stomping, trampling, kicking, and charging them in the new combat system.

War-steeds – These steeds are faster, stronger, and better trained for battle than normal mounts. War-steeds’ skills can be advanced over time and their appearance is customisable.

Continuation of the Epic Story – Follow the epic storyline to witness the breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen; form an alliance with the Ents of Fangorn; and aid Éomer in his attempts to ward off the growing Shadow.

Which version should you buy?

The expansion is available in digital download format and comes in three editions: Base, Heroic, and Legendary.

Base EditionFor $39.99, the Base Edition will get you the expansion pack upon its release, plus the Steed of the Eastemnet (an exclusive Rohirrim mount) and the “Friend of the Mark” in-game title.

If you pre-order between now and September 5, you will also receive a Rohan Elite Guard Statted Cloak and a Rohirrim Soldier on Landscape appearance.

Heroic EditionFor $49.99, the Heroic Edition offers the same as the Base Edition but with the following additions: a Hauberk of the Eastemnet (Rohirrim cosmetic chest piece) and the Evendim, Moria, and Lothlórien Quest Packs (over 650 quests, 10 fellowship instances, and two raids).

By pre-ordering this edition, you’ll also receive a Rohan Elite Guard Statted Cloak, The Outrider’s Token (25% XP boost for all characters on the account, up to level 75), and the Rohirrim Soldier on Landscape appearance.

Legendary EditionFor $69.99, the Legendary Edition contains even more exclusive content: the Steed of the Eastemnet (available immediately, with matching War-steed appearance available upon RoR release), Armour of the Eastemnet (full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armour), “Friend of the Mark” in-game title, a 6th inventory bag (15 additional storage slots), Crystal of Remembrance (adds one additional legacy to your legendary weapon), and exclusive Rohan content (earn a mounted combat deed which will grant an exclusive skill for your War-steed).

Pre-ordering between now and September 5th will get you a Rohan Elite Guard Statted Cloak, the Outrider’s Token, and the Rohirrim Soldier on Landscape appearance.

For a side-by-side comparison of all three editions, visit Turbine’s Riders of Rohan page.

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