25 July 2012

Could ‘The Hobbit’ Films Become a Trilogy?

While attending Comic Con earlier this month, director Peter Jackson commented on the possibility of shooting a third “Hobbit” film, joking that, “I’m not good at making short movies, unfortunately. It’s a skill I’ve never mastered.”

At first, the comments seemed nothing more than a joke or wishful thinking. But since the panel at Comic Con, talk of a third film has accelerated, though a deal has yet to be made.

There are a number of factors which complicate the deal-making process, including negotiating new deals with actors and other involved parties (such as MGM), something that previously had to be done when “The Hobbit” was split into two films.

Though a spokeswoman for New Line declined to comment, one knowledgeable individual said that Jackson might combine material already filmed with new footage, some of which could come from the appendices of The Lord of the Rings.

All participants would stand to gain monetarily, as three “Hobbit” films would be a guaranteed box office success. For Warner Bros., a third “Hobbit” film would be another driving franchise for the studio, especially where many of its other moneymaking franchises – such as the “Harry Potter” and “Batman” films – have concluded.

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