08 August 2012

Andy Serkis: Martin Freeman 'Unpredictable'

Photo: Empire Magazine

Though Andy Serkis insists that actor Martin Freeman is “brilliant” at being directed, he adds that the actor enjoyed putting his own spin on the character of Bilbo Baggins.  

''You just don't know what you are going to get,” he said. “Yet he's brilliant at taking direction. There's a rhythm that one works with Martin. He likes to try it his way and then you start saying, 'What about this?' When he gets it, it's gold. And it's so totally Bilbo.''

Freeman believes that Bilbo is more “comedic” than his cousin Frodo, adding, ''He's lighter, I would say. For black-and-white purposes he's more comic. It's a more comedic ... journey.''

''I like the fact he is brave,” he told Empire Magazine, “to go from a fairly peaceful existence where people roam about quite nicely, to a place where he could be eaten - that's a proper thing for him.

''It's a well loved character, so don't f**k with it too much.''

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