21 August 2012

Hobbit Village to be Built in Sweden

Many thanks to reader César for pointing this story out!

Photo: Drömgården 
If you’ve ever wanted to live in a village similar to those of Tolkien’s hobbits, then look no further. Such a village is being planned for a Stockholm island, according to its developers. 

“Living in a hobbit house is the smart and sustainable way to live in the future,” said John Higson, the co-founder of Drömgården.

Founded in 2011 by John Higson and his wife, Drömgården – located on the island of Muskö – was built as a self-sustainable, eco-friendly farm and village. After hearing about Simon Dale, who had built a hobbit home for his family in Wales, they were inspired to build their own.

“Seeing Simon’s houses blew me away,” said Higson. “They’re beautiful, unique and completely sustainable, and what a fantastic way to live.

“I’ve always enjoyed living a little bit differently. The idea of just a hobbit style village came from talking to other people interested in being part of Drömgården.” 

The Swedish versions of these houses will be constructed using natural materials – straw, clay, and timber – and will be built on the edge of a forest.  
“Hardly anyone has been there in years as it was a restricted area site owned by the military,” said Higson. “So nature has taken over and made it a perfect hobbit territory.”

In addition to providing people living in the countryside with a sustainable way of life, Drömgården allows people to become part owners of the buildings there, allowing them to own a small part of the community while being able to reside there for whatever amount of time they wish.

“Why pay for having a countryside house standing empty most of the year, when you can use your hard earned kronor for what you really need?”

Approximately sixteen houses are currently planned, the first of which is expected to see completion by the end of this year. These homes will be constructed under the supervision of Simon Dale.

“People will be invited to join Simon Dale to plan their houses, but we’re debating as to whether it would be a good idea to build a pub first,” Higson said. 

“You can't have a hobbit village without a pub.”

For more information on Drömgården, visit their website.

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