27 October 2012

Mythgard Courses for Spring 2013

Interested in taking another exciting course at Mythgard Institute or Signum University? Or are you a first-time student looking to see for yourself what all the buzz is about?

The following courses will be available during the spring 2013 semester (which begin on January 14):

Science Fiction, Part II – In this follow-up course to the Science Fiction, Part I course that was offered this semester, Dr. Amy H. Sturgis examines the development of the sci-fi genre, from the 1960s to present.

The Story of 'The Hobbit' – Hosted by Dr. Corey Olsen (the "Tolkien Professor") and featuring scholars John D. Rateliff (The History of The Hobbit) and Douglas A. Anderson (The Annotated Hobbit), this course "will examine several important precursors of the book, works that helped establish the genre in which Tolkien was writing, or which influenced Tolkien’s own thinking."

Tolkien's World of Middle-earth – Taught by Professor Verlyn Flieger, students in this course will read Tolkien's critical essays (Beowulf and The Silmarillion), as well as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. With three interim exams and a two-hour final exam, the focus of this course is to encourage students to think deeply and critically about the material within the works, as well as their relationships with one another.

Elementary Latin I (Encourse) – This course will be offered through Signum University and taught by Professor Philip Walsh. Students will learn the basic elements of the language, with an emphasis on the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Not sure whether to enroll for credit or audit the course? Visit Mythgard's Embark page for more details.

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