22 January 2013

Lost Girl – Season 3, Episode 2: "Subterrfaenean"

Episode two, "Subterrfaenean," opens with Bo and Lauren in the heat of their passion. Despite some small part of me still hoping to see Bo and Dyson reunite now that he has his love back, I'm also a big supporter of the Bo/Lauren relationship – especially when Lauren says nerdy, yet sexy, things like, “My medulla oblongata is screaming for hydration.”

Unfortunately, that was the only taste of sex and romance for the episode, but it was so beautifully and hilariously done that I don’t mind having to wait an entire week for more. With Lauren no longer under the Ash’s control, she has put aside most of her reservations, allowing her relationship with Bo to really take off.

The only thing I’m still mildly hung up on is the fact that not too long ago, Bo killed Lauren’s previous girlfriend, Nadia, after she had been possessed by the Garuda. While not a malicious act on Bo’s end (which I know Lauren must understand), it’s still a little odd to me that she hasn’t taken just a little bit longer to grieve before jumping into a new romance.

In this episode, Kenzi’s childhood friend Ozzie (whom I was hoping would turn out to be Nate) disappears at a party, and Bo agrees to help Kenzi and Vex (I’m so glad we’re seeing more of him, by the way) find him.

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Also on the case are Dyson and his new partner – the bitchy, yet super-hot Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten)…who also just so happens to be dark Fae. From the beginning, the two have an increasingly difficult time working together, especially when Dyson learns that Tamsin is also investigating an attack on one of her own, which she claims Bo is responsible for.

Bo and Kenzi encounter an alligator Fae by the name of Atticus, who, along with several other zombie-like Fae, live underground and eat whatever people and animals they can find. According to Atticus, a “man in black” forced him and his family to live in the dark underground. He then locks them in a room, which slowly begins to fill with gas.

They wake up back in their apartment, and just as they come to, Ozzie shows up. With no recollection of having been kidnapped, he suffers a nosebleed and then faints. They enlist the help of a Dreamweaver to find out what is haunting Ozzie’s dream. They are led to a shipping container, where they find more folks who had disappeared.   

Dyson and Tamsin are not having nearly as much luck solving this case as Bo and Kenzi. The mayor continues to pressure them into finding out who is behind all these disappearances, and when he hears about Atticus, goes underground himself to confront him. When Bo and Kenzi reach the scene, the mayor reveals himself to be the Slender Man and the Pied Piper. After putting two and two together, Bo gives Atticus the opportunity to seek revenge for his family.

Another case is solved. Dyson and Tamsin have a playful fight in the boxing ring – during which she asserts that the two of them will never be “cool” until Bo pays for what she did to the dark Fae – and Bo goes to see the Dreamweaver herself. But as we’ve been seeing in recent episodes, things are slowly getting darker and darker; and when the Dreamweaver sees an insatiable succubus in Bo’s nightmares, she immediately flees, leaving us with a feeling of, “Oh, shit…”

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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