15 January 2013

Season Three of ‘Lost Girl’ off to a Fae-nomenal Start

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Last night, season three of SyFy’s “Lost Girl” finally premiered in the US. After an emotional and action-packed season two, I was beyond impatient for season three to begin. And it was well worth the wait!

The season premiere – “Caged Fae” – takes place three weeks after the death of the Garuda, with Bo (Anna Silk) getting thrown into the Fae prison Hecuba after going off the deep end and robbing a bank. However, this is just a ruse so that Bo can get into the prison to investigate rumors of corruption.

Once inside, she finds the human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer) impersonating a Fae doctor in order to investigate the disappearance of her mentor, the prison’s former doctor. She slips Bo a stone which will allow her to access her powers, offsetting the effects of the ley lines that the prison was built on.

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Bo is harassed on numerous occasions by the warden (Sarain Boylan), a sexy dominatrix type, and her guards. When Bo’s cellmate, Sylvie (Tommie-Amber Pirie), is threatened by one of the guards, the always-eager-to-help succubus uses her powers, thereby drawing attention to herself (and landing a pretty intense beating by several of the guards).

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), posing as Bo’s redneck girlfriend, sneaks a contact lens into the prison, allowing Bo to get through security and sneak into the warden’s office, where she soon discovers what’s really happening at Hecuba, and why released prisoners keep coming back.  

As it turns out, the warden (who is actually a man) has been using her (or his, rather) superpowers to breed rare Fae babies to sell on the Fae black market.

Ultimately, Bo saves the day. And Hale (KC Collins), the new Acting Ash, shuts down Hecuba for good, pardoning all but the most violent of its prisoners.  At this point, Bo and Lauren decide to give their relationship a real shot. (Conveniently adding to the tension is the fact that at the end of season two, Kenzi had coerced the Norn into giving Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) back his love; unfortunately, he hasn’t revealed that to Bo yet.)

So it’s safe to assume that season three will examine the Bo-Lauren relationship a bit more closely. But how will this affect Dyson and his relationship with Bo? While I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out, part of me also feels that these love triangles have gone on just a bit too long (see also: the Bo-Dyson-Ciara triangle and the Bo-Lauren-Nadia triangle).

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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