14 January 2013

Tolkien Conference to be Held at Valparaiso University

Brad Eden, dean of library services at Valparaiso University in Indiana and author/editor of Middle Earth Minstrel: Essays on Music in Tolkien, is organising a scholarly conference on "Tolkien and His Works," to be held March 1-3.

The conference will include presentations, exhibits and musical performances, as well as a dinner featuring dishes from the Tolkien books (among them "mushrooms ala Gandalf," "Mrs. Maggot's cottage pie," and "Mirkwood cookies").

"With so many significant Tolkien milestones, this is the most opportune time to bring together some of the most esteemed Tolkien scholars from across the world," Eden said.

Other sessions will include "Same sex rescues in Middle Earth," ''Bilbo's French Connection," ''The Hobbit and Father Christmas" and "Beorn and Tom Bombadil: Mythology, Narrative and The Most (Non)Essential Characters in Middle Earth."  Also speaking at the conference is Douglas Anderson, author of The Annotated Hobbit

For those interested in attending, the deadline to register is February 26. The three-day event costs $200 per person; you can also attend just the Hobbit-themed dinner for $35.

For more information, or to register, visit the conference website at http://conference.valpo.edu/tolkien/registration.

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