18 January 2013

Weekly Roundup – January 12-18

Tolkien/Hobbit Movie News:

Ken Denmead of Wired's GeekDad came up with a creative list of Tolkien-inspired Disneyland rides.

One Jewish Hobbit moviegoer asks, "Can Middle-earth folk save our planet?"

Costume Designers Guild of America Awards announces its shortlist of nominees.

Video: How the Hobbit Should Have Ended

How legally binding is Bilbo's contract? One lawyer takes a closer look.

LOTRO Progress/Achievements

Having fallen into a bit of a rut with Beornara because I still haven't purchased the Riders of Rohan expansion, I left her in Hartwick and created a new character last Saturday. Having played around with a Dwarven Rune-keeper here and there, I decided to delete him and reincarnate him as an Elven RK named Beruthien. Though I haven't played as much as usual this week (Raptr puts me at 21 hours of gametime), she's close to reaching level 22, and is about to proceed into the Barrow-downs.

Site/Misc. Updates

If you missed the previous announcement, I created a Tumblr blog where Tolkien/Hobbit collectors can submit photos/information about their collections. You can find that at TolkienCollectors.

Trying to get my other blog, I, Britta, rolling again, I recapped Monday's season three premiere of "Lost Girl." Be sure to check back, as I'll be updating that site more often (especially after the return of "The Walking Dead")!

Every Friday I'll round up links to news stories I may have re-posted on Twitter but not here; in addition, I'll post site updates and/or achievements in LOTRO.

Have a Tolkien, Hobbit, or LOTRO related question you'd like me to answer? Post it in the comments below and I'll include it in next week's roundup!

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