13 April 2013

Lore-Master Brytja

With my Captain, Beornara, stuck at level 82 until I cave and buy the Riders of Rohan expansion; my level 75 Champion, Brittanyia, all but abandoned; and my level 52 Hunter, Bregolad, in need of a break, I decided to roll another alt – despite the fact that I'd just recently started a Rune-Keeper, Beruthien (now level 33). This time, I decided to try the Lore-Master class.

I chose the class mainly because I enjoyed my Captain so much – particularly the Companion aspect. But most importantly, because I really, really, really want a pet fox (since I can't have a real one, a virtual companion will suffice).

I went with another Woman, since Beornara was so dear to me. And again, she is from Rohan. I decided to try and make her look and seem more Nordic in appearance, hence the white-blond hair and grey eyes. I'm still trying to work out the family tree/back stories for each of my characters, but Brytja, I have decided, is the daughter of my Hunter: hence her full name, Brytja Bregoladsdóttir.

Brytja's companions: Bjarn, Freyja, and Frothgár
Brytja is currently at level 33; however, most of levels 22-30 were gained via the new crafting system, which grants regular XP in addition to crafting XP each time you craft/harvest something. I decided that with Brytja, I was going to tackle the crafting early on, rather than wait and try to catch up at the very end (as I did with Brittanyia). Currently she has completely mastered the Farming craft, and is currently known as Brytja Bregoladsdóttir, Eastemnet Master Farmer.

Now, she's plugging along through Garth Agarwen to catch up on rep with the Eglain and master the other two crafts in the Woodsman vocation – Woodworker and Forester.

I've found that while I enjoy having a Companion and ability to stun/daze multiple targets, I still prefer my close-combat classes, primarily Captain and Champion (did I mention that in my severe case of alt fever, I also rolled another Champion on the Nimrodel server?).

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