22 April 2013

LOTRO to Begin Handing Out “Hobbit Presents”

Turbine’s popular MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online, will soon be rewarding its dedicated players with presents just for logging into the game. There are two types of presents available: a Silver Present (daily reward for all players) and a Gold Present (a weekly reward for VIP players). Each will drop many unique goods – gear, gold, boosts, and food – with weekly presents having a higher chance of rare drops.

According to Turbine, the present system will take into account a character’s class and level when generating the reward. Additionally, only one free present per account will be issued daily.

These goodies follow Turbine’s 6th Anniversary Festival, which continues to run through 30 April, and its “Welcome Back Weekend” (18 -21 April), during which players were given a 100% XP boost.

Also of note: Turbine’s Game Servers are currently offline for scheduled maintenance. They are scheduled to come back up around 1pm EST (-4 GMT).


  1. NDA is still active!!

    1. Hi Anon, I'm not sure which NDA you are referring to. The info about the upcoming Hobbit presents has been readily available on various websites, including Turbine's, for several days now.