03 June 2013

Beornara's New Home

I can now say that I've owned every kind of house in LOTRO (the only exception being a Kin House). I have a tendency to grow restless in one place, as my eight homes in two years track record will show. For nearly a year, however, I remained content in my deluxe home in Bree-land.

Au revoir, Bree-land!
But out of nowhere, the desire to move hit me. The only place I had left to try was a deluxe home in Falathlorn. I wasn't too keen at first, as my very first personal home had been a cramped Falathlorn standard which I had been all too eager to escape from.

After visiting several available homes, I found the perfect one waiting for me atop a small hill. Moving out of one place and into another took nearly two hours, given that half of my decorations are bound to different characters.

But at long last, Beornara settled quite nicely into her new home. All that's left is to buy another set of floral wallpaper so all of the rooms match.

I love the "stacking" of wall decorations

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