24 August 2013

Bregolad Finally Gets His Warsteed

Those of you following me on Twitter are probably aware of the fact that I've been playing my Hunter, Bregolad of Gondor, more regularly. In fact, right now I've only been playing him (Beornara is finally level 85 and patiently waiting for Helm's Deep to come out, and all my lower-level [currently non-VIP] characters are stuck in "you must purchase this region!" limbo).

I've taken a slight detour from finishing rep quests in Enedwaith and Mirkwood; for the past week I've been questing in Dunland. Yesterday, Bregolad got his Warsteed just prior to hitting level 74; today he hit the milestone that is level 75 (and he is Kindred with the Men of Dunland!).

About a year ago, I purchased the Steed of Night from the LOTRO store; I got Beornara the Steed of Minas Ithil, and didn't want to leave my Hunter out. Now that Warsteeds have become available, when you purchase a normal steed from the LOTRO store, you typically get the matching Warsteed cosmetic set. Even though I'd purchased the Steed of Night long before Warsteeds were around, the cosmetic set transferred over once I got mine (I was very happy about that!).

Because I already had two sets of Warsteed cosmetics (the Steed of Night and Eastemnet Armour sets), I decided my big splurge would be on a colour pack for my steed. The Steed of Night armour just didn't look that great on a white-grey horse. So I spent 595 TP to make my Steed look more badass:

In my vault I have a Flame-touched Hauberk and the Flames of the Deep cloak to match my steed a bit more. But I am loving the outfit Bregolad is currently rocking, so it will likely be awhile before I change it. (Although I did replace the Lórien quiver with the Flames of the Deep.) 

Now I'm plugging through the epic storyline, which currently has me a prisoner of Isengard. After that I should be working on my rep with Théodred's Riders. And then...ROHAN!

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