05 October 2013

Another Character Hits Level 85

It took a gruelling 22 hours (12 hours yesterday, and another 10 today), but my hunter, Bregolad, is finally level 85! He hit the cap a few hours ago in Fangorn. (He was level 80 when I began this grind.)

We still have more Fangorn quests to finish, as well as the entire Sutcrofts region; and once I renew my VIP subscription, there'll be the Wildermore region to tackle. There's still a lot of work to be done! I'm very tempted to renew my subscription so I can participate in some PvP before Helm's Deep is released and the level cap increases again. I have really enjoyed playing my Hunter and think he will be a deadly foe in PvP.

I'd been dying to get my hands on the Bone Set of war-steed cosmetics; lucky for me it happens to be on sale in the LOTRO Store for 995 TP until October 31st! Of course, I grabbed a set for Bregolad, as he only had the Steed of Night, Caparison of Plenty, Steed of Michel Delving, and Rohan Elite Armour sets (I feel it necessary to ensure that things are fair between my two main toons).

After playing around with my war-steed sets a bit, I decided to keep these two sets as my active outfits. The first is simply the war-steed with its hide and tail dyed black; the only item equipped is a plain black saddle. The second set is the Bone Set, which I've dyed indigo (I haven't yet purchased the black dye set).

In playing my Hunter and paying more attention to war-steeds and mounted combat, I've found that I truly love this aspect of the game. Where I struggled a bit with mounted combat on my Captain, I had an extremely easy and enjoyable time shooting arrows off of Bregolad's war-steed.

I'm going to keep playing Bregolad a bit more. Like I said, there are still so many quests to complete. I'd also like to start preparing my Champion, Brittanyia, so she can finish Rohan and be the next of my toons to hit 85.

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