11 October 2013

GraniteCon 2013

My recap of GraniteCon is long overdue, I know – but better late than never, right?

Although much smaller in scale than Boston Comic Con, GraniteCon (organised by the awesome Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH) was fun in that it was easier to get around and see everything. And being a sufferer of chronic migraines, the fact that it was much closer to home really kept me at ease.

My dad, who had accompanied me to Boston Comic Con back in August, came with me to GraniteCon on Saturday, 28 September. Although I do enjoy a good comic book, my knowledge is still somewhat limited; I prefer to go to these events to check out the cosplayers and scope out any neat or must-have collectibles. There were a lot of amazing cosplayers there; check out my GraniteCon album on Facebook to see them all! 

In this case, my big purchase was this cute Vaporeon plush. I know it's a bootleg, but I rarely come across memorabilia from Genenerations I and II, so I couldn't resist. The first thing I ever really became "obsessed" with as a child was Pokémon; to this day, you will still catch me playing the video games or watching the original anime.

Unlike Boston Comic Con, for GraniteCon, I chose to cosplay as Arwen. The dress was a big hit – not only did I receive many compliments, but I even had a few people ask to take my picture. I'm already eager for the next cosplaying event!

All in all, GraniteCon was a blast. Although we didn't stick around for the entire weekend (or even the entire day), my dad and I had fun, and even stopped at the historic Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. While there, one of their regular customers informed us that a replica was being built for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie – which is only fitting, as Adam Sandler was born in the Granite State! 

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