31 December 2013

A Very Hobbity Yuletide!

The holidays are, of course, all about surrounding ourselves with our loved ones and enjoying the togetherness. While I'm far from being a materialistic individual, I'll admit that as a collector of all things Tolkien related, I do enjoy the gift-giving (and receiving) part of the holidays. Not only do my family and friends know me exceptionally well as a collector, but often times they do a better job of finding unique things than I!

From my sister: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey collector's puzzle and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey desk calendar

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey backpack/messenger bag – I will be taking this to EVERY convention I attend from now on! 

Hobbit PEZ!

Tree of Gondor case for my Galaxy S3 – I love the previous case my parents gave me, but it's nice to have options now!

My dad discovered Etsy earlier this year, and he finds some of the coolest things on there! This lovely pendant depicts both the One Ring and Smaug the Magnificent. 

Similarly, he found this unique bracelet, which he said reminded him of Daryl Dixon's crossbow in The Walking Dead. It also looks very Elven to me; I love it!

Another Elven-looking piece my father found on Etsy, this bracelet is made from guitar strings (which is perfect, as I've played the guitar for years). It also includes my birthstone, which was purely coincidental. 

This gorgeous Moleskine notebook was a gift from one of my Middle-earth News colleagues, Lily Milos. 

Some Hobbit swag from Middle-earth News director Arwen Kester.

These were gifts from my Middle-earth News Secret Santa. I love the Smaug tote and cannot wait to dive into both books!

Did you receive any Tolkien-related gifts over the holidays? 

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