19 January 2014

First Tolkien Haul of the Year!

One of the greatest things about being a Tolkien book and memorabilia collector is sharing the experience with others. My father, who became aware of Middle-earth through Peter Jackson's films, typically accompanies me on my quests to find new or unique items. Yesterday was the first of hopefully many father-daughter outings in 2014, and I think I'm off to a great start so far.

My father spotted the last Jemima Catlin calendar almost immediately and claimed it for his office, so I purchased two Hobbit film ones. 

I found these at Hot Topic. 

Lake-town Guard LEGO

And easily the greatest find of the day: 50th anniversary deluxe edition of The Lord of the Rings and a 1987 edition of The Fellowship of the Ring

I found countless more items, but moderation is key (at least when it comes to film  merchandise). I'm hoping my next venture will focus more on visiting used bookstores and building a rapport with local vendors who may be able to help me locate more rare and unique editions.  


  1. That's a pretty good haul for the start of the year! Shame on your dad, though, to pinch the calendar ;)

    1. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise and this is the beginning of his own Tolkien collection ;)

  2. Hey Britta! It's Sophie.

    Where did you get these cool stuff from? :) I never see this stuff in my area but I'm going to go hunting!

    I watched Hobbit 2 yesterday and thought it was good. I didn't like the first 30minutes...too much stuff was added. Legolas and Tauriel?? Um nope :)

    1. Hi Sophie!

      I found all of the movie memorabilia within my nearest mall – stores like Hot Topic, Toys R Us, and any other toy stores all tend to carry Hobbit merchandise. As for the books, I just stop into any and all bookstores I see, especially used/discount bookstores.

      I still haven't seen The Desolation of Smaug, if you can believe that! I guess I'm hoping that the more I drag it out, the more open-minded I'll become when I do finally see it (hopefully sometime this week). I don't think I'll care for the Tauriel/Kili stuff, but we'll see!

    2. Really! I also delayed because I wasn't sure about it. Honestly, I think it should've been 2 movies but in the long run, the movie was entertaining.

  3. This is six months on from when you posted this, but I'd like to say that the copy you referred to as the 50th anniversary edition is actually just a deluxe edition: http://www.hmhco.com/shop/books/The-Lord-of-the-Rings-Deluxe-Edition/9780544273443. This year marks the 60th anniversary anyway. The 50th anniversary one looks like this: http://www.hmhco.com/shop/books/the-lord-of-the-rings/9780618517657