09 February 2014

This Week in LOTRO

I've been going a little alt crazy lately; earlier this month, I rolled a Man Guardian (Bregadan) and a Dwarf Champion (Bodivar). I levelled them to levels 20 and 25, respectively, and then decided that wasn't enough; so I rolled my very first Hobbit Burglar, Simbelmyna, just a few days ago. Thanks to crafting, she's already reached level 22! Now I have three low level characters I can alternate between.

As for my higher level characters:
  • Beruthien (Rune-keeper, 60) is finally out of Moria and slowly beginning her journey into Lothlorien. 
  • Brytja (Lore-master) has gained five levels this week; she's now 50 and finishing up in Forochel. I'm so excited to be sending her through Moria soon! 
  • Bregolad (Hunter) and Brittanyia (Champion) each levelled up this week; Bregolad gained two levels and is now 90, and Brittanyia is finally 85. Taking Beornara (Captain) into account, I now have three characters over 85 to play around with. 

Despite my many toons, there are still two classes I've barely played: warden and minstrel. I've tried both classes, but have never gotten further than 27 and 13, respectively, before growing bored with them. I'd still love to give the warden class another shot;  I should have planned my alts better and made Bodivar the Guardian and Bregadan a Warden. Now I have two Champions when I still have one waiting to hit the level cap. I've already blown enough Turbine Points on character slots this month; but as soon as they go on sale again, I'll probably be making that warden!

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