01 March 2014

LOTR & Hobbit Scene Maker

I'm going to let my girly side show just a bit here... Some of my colleagues at the Middle-earth News stumbled upon the Doll Divine Doll Maker "game" and got all of us hooked. It is pretty fun – I've actually used it a few times to come up with ideas for a future dress.

Although I typically see myself as more of a Dwarf, here is my Elven alter-ego:

Like I said, it's a good reference for dress making. After making this Elf, I decided I really love the dress, and am now considering making it in the near future.

But what I really liked about the Doll Maker – which again, I'm following my colleagues' lead here – is that I can bring my LOTRO family trees to life. I'm not the best artist, so I could never draw my characters by hand; but I've given a shot at turning them into 2D characters via the Doll Maker:

Here is my family tree for the Men and Women. From left to right: Beornara (Captain) and her husband Bregolad (Hunter); their daughter Brytja (Lore-master) and Bregolad's brother, Bregadan (Guardian). 

And the Elves: Brittanyia (Champion) and her daughter Beruthien (Rune-keeper). I have quite the family tree going for the Men and Women characters, but the Elves need some attention. All I have for Brittanyia so far is that she lost her husband, and it took many adventures in Middle-earth (until she reached the level cap) to realise he had been slain. 

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