10 June 2014

The Long-Expected Party (Photospam!)

After nearly three years on the Middle-earth News team, I finally had the opportunity to meet the other US team members. About three weeks ago, we all met up in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania for what we lovingly called "The Long-expected Party".

At Loxley's Restaurant

We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in Lancaster called The King's Cottage. We had dinner at Loxely's Restaurant, where we had our own private room and an amazingly unforgettable meal (plus cake!). Back at The King's Cottage, we stayed up past midnight chatting and laughing about everything under the sun. Not too long after most of us had gone to bed, the fire alarm went off (around 6am, we were graced by an encore performance). We had an amazing breakfast the following morning, and just an incredible time overall. The owners of the bed and breakfast were wonderful and really made our stay enjoyable.

The US members of the Middle-earth News! From back to front: Valdís, Lily, Rachel, Myla, Amanda, me, Oloriel, and Arwen


We were up bright and early on Saturday to embark on a photoshoot adventure! Thanks to a cursed GPS, we spent some time getting lost before we finally found our destination.
Left to right: Valdís, Arwen, Oloriel, myself, and Rachel
Channelling our inner Peter Jackson and trying some forced perspective photography
Departing for the Undying Lands
"I wish I could have seen him...one last time..."
Arwen and Arwen!
Photo by Lily Milos
I was just trying to be funny here! Photo by Rachel Took
Arwen, Lily, Rachel, Myla, and I
Lily and I just before we said our goodbyes
After a delicious meal at the Tomato Pie Cafe in Lititz, we made our way to the Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel, where we spent the rest of the evening playing LOTR Trivial Pursuit (DVD edition), eating pizza, and talking some more.

We had a fantastic time together – the best part was that from the moment we arrived, it was like we were old friends who had known each other for years – and man, did those three days fly by too quickly! I can't wait to do it all again sometime (hopefully soon!).

You'll find even more photos on Facebook and Instagram – please have a look, if you feel so inclined!

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