07 July 2014

LOTRO Forgoes Raids Due to Lack of Players

A few days ago, Massively posted a brief article on the lack of raids in The Lord of the Rings Online – something a lot of people complain about. Whenever I post about LOTRO on Facebook and ask people for their opinions, someone always ends up mentioning raids and end game content.

So why, if so many people are complaining, are players not getting the raids they so desire?

Community Manager Rick "Sapience" Heaton posted the following in the LOTRO forums:
Raiders comprise the smallest, by far, group in our game. PvMP players are far larger and even they are small. in fact together the two groups wouldn't comprise 10% of the total player base and never have (this is important. it's not a new thing, it's a long standing historical fact).
Regrettably, I have not yet participated in any real end game content, such as PvMP and raiding. I've made a few attempts to participate in PvMP with my Hunter, Bregolad, but because I am new to PvMP – beyond scrambling around trying to do quests while hoping no one sneaks up on me – I am hesitant to jump into it without help. And while I've visited Draigoch's Lair for a glimpse of the dragon, I have never been able to find the necessary heroes to help me undertake my first raid.

For that reason, I am not personally bothered by the lack of end-game content (yet?). Since I don't participate in PvMP or any raids so far, my two characters at the level cap tend to take a backseat to my seven other characters who are waiting to level up. Sometimes I'll take my level capped characters to catch up on some old deeds, reach Kindred with any remaining factions, and to participate in any festivals or in-game events.

That being said, if anyone on Landroval wants to help guide me through PvMP (or maybe even a Draigoch run), I'd be extremely grateful for the help!

Do you feel that raiders make up only a small portion of LOTRO players? Should Turbine introduce more end game content? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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