06 July 2014

LOTRO's Update 14 Launches July 14

LOTRO players will finally be able to step into West Gondor when Update 14 launches next Monday. In addition to the new landscape – which includes the Paths of the Dead, Blackroot Vale, Lamedon, and the Havens of Belfalas – Update 14 offers some of the following:
  • Increased level cap (100)
  • Volume IV of the epic story (free to all players)
  • Essence System – drops which can be used to upgrade and enhance new gear
  • The City Watch of Dol Amroth
  • Global chat channel (accessible via /world and /wd commands)

Justin Olivetti offers a more in-depth look (complete with lots of screenshots!) at what players can expect from Update 14 over at Massively.

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