11 August 2014

Boston Comic Con 2014

This past Sunday was my second time attending Boston Comic Con (you can read about my experience last year over at the Middle-earth News). I regretted not cosplaying the last time I went, so this year I decided to brave the heat and wear my Arwen gown.

While I didn't see very many Tolkien-themed cosplays this year (I passed a Galadriel and a Tauriel but didn't have a chance to ask for a photo with either of them), I was lucky enough to run into a man who made his own Gandalf costume and who kindly agreed to take some photos with me.

The highlight of this trip (and my main reason for going) was finally meeting Sean Astin. I had gone to see him in Boston back in 2004 when he was promoting his autobiography, There and Back Again: An Actor's Tale, and again in 2006 at TheOneRing.net's ELF convention in New Jersey; but I'd never had a chance to meet him at either event.

All those years of waiting were not in vain. I'd always imagined Sean as being a nice, down-to-earth guy; but I had no idea just how wonderful he truly is. From the moment I walked over to his table and we exchanged greetings, I instantly felt at ease – and so far from starstruck. He was kind enough to sign my copy of his book (with a nice little message which is kind of an inside joke between us [how cool is that?!]) and chat with me for a few moments. When he noticed my boyfriend behind me, I introduced them, and Sean proceeded to inquire about how long we'd been dating and how old we were when we first met (turns out we both started dating our significant others around the same age!).

This time I also chose to do the photo-op. After we got in line, we found out you had to order the tickets online and couldn't pay in cash; then, of course, I had no signal and couldn't get into the website. When I finally managed to get in, the checkout page showed all photo-ops as being ended. Thankfully, the Boston Comic Con staff were amazing and got everything sorted out so I could participate in the photo-op and leave a happy customer.

Unfortunately, by then, the heat and the stress had taken a toll on me, but I didn't even care. I got my photo with Sean and once again, he was wonderful. As we turned to leave, I extended my hand for a parting handshake; but to my surprise, he hugged me instead. I could have died right then and there. It is an incredible feeling when someone you think and hope is going to be wonderful turns out to be even more so than you could ever have imagined. I'm really hoping I'll have another opportunity to meet him somewhere down the road.

While I didn't leave with much in the way of Lord of the Rings memorabilia (most of the things I found were items I already had), I did grab a shooter trio featuring scenes from The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King; and I had my autograph and photo with Sean Astin, so that was more than enough.

All in all, Boston Comic Con was a fun experience; but perhaps next year I'll find a more lightweight cosplay so I don't spend the entire day overheating! I'd also love to find or get a themed cosplay group together.


  1. Sean seems like SUCH a wonderful person, I'm so happy you had a fun time meeting him!! :D

    1. He was incredibly warm and welcoming. I wish you and Amanda had been there! :D