09 January 2015

LOTRO's 2015 Producer's Letter

LOTRO's most recent producer's letter, posted on Wednesday and penned by the game's new Executive Producer, Athena “Vyvyanne” Peters, addresses several initiatives for the game this year.

In 2015, LOTRO's story will continue through Osgiliath and Minas Tirith – the latter being my ultimate "must-see" location. In addition to these new areas, several updates throughout the year will bring players closer to the Ephel Dúath and the dark land of Mordor.

Source: LOTRO
Some other items and initiatives addressed in the producer's letter are:
  • The ability to imbue level 100 Legendary Items
  • More focus on group content; new instances and Roving Threats
  • Identification and adjustment of some of the more persistent bugs in game, to enhance players' overall experience of the game
  • New episodic content, which releases a little at a time, like an episodic TV show
  • Improved server transfers and other upgrades to encourage players to migrate to the more populated servers; additionally, European servers will be moved back to the EU
  • (Potentially) a new PvMP map in Osgiliath
You can read the full letter here and visit the thread in the LOTRO Forums.

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