28 January 2015

Winter Storm Juno: Perfect for a Winter Photoshoot!

Winter storm Juno graced us with plenty of snow beginning late Monday night. Having some time off and beautiful scenery as a result, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to go out and have some fun in my Blood Red Dress. Yesterday the conditions were still too blizzard-like to go out, but today the snow has stopped and the wind has finally died down. Unfortunately, by the time I made it outside, the sun was also starting to go down; but I hear there's more snow on the way as we head into the weekend, so I have a feeling I'll be doing a better (more professional-looking) shoot soon.

"Stop touching your nose; you're making it red!"
"I didn't touch my nose! It's really cold outside!"


  1. Those brigand women in LOTRO Breeland...

  2. Beautiful pics my friend! And yes, it does look really cold!