15 March 2015

Today's (Unintentional) Tolkien Haul

I went out today, not with the intention of "treasure-hunting", but to just get a couple of things I needed. One thing led to another, however, and I ended up with 5 new items in my Tolkien collection!

$5 at a used bookstore
The Fellowship of the Ring on VHS; $1.99 at a thrift store
Love these versions.
I also have this version in black
At the used bookstore where I found the latter three books, I also came across a 1960 copy of The Hobbit ($175) and a pristine second printing of Tree and Leaf ($275). Since I have a birthday coming up, I thought I'd wait on those and casually drop some hints to my family and friends...but even without those two copies, I think I did pretty well today!

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