12 June 2015

Peter Kenny's 'Dreams of Another Land' Now Available

Tolkien fan Peter Kenny – also known as "Australia's Biggest Tolkien Fan" – has published a book of poems inspired by Middle-earth., featuring illustrations by Sue Bradley. 

Peter Kenny is known worldwide as a passionate fan of JRR Tolkien and the world of fantasy. Using this love and his wide-ranging imagination, Mr. Kenny has produced (in the guise of “selecting” poems and stories by his “uncle,” Fortinbras Proudfoot, Esq.) Dreams of Another Land, a collection that explores the history and happenings of a faraway land that still feels very familiar to us. Small folk, dragons, warriors, ladies, and wizards and their adventures are described in rhythmic language that is enjoyable to read, either aloud or silently.

You can purchase a copy of Peter's book through Amazon (US/UK) or Oloris Publishing. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Peter's charity, the Fortinbras Proudfoot Esq. Foundation.

You can read more about Peter Kenny here.

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