26 July 2015

New Kinhouse!

Awhile back, I made a second Kinship in LOTRO, comprised of my f2p alts, in order to attain more storage space for all of my characters' loot! A few days ago, I finally got around to purchasing my second kinhouse; and that, of course, meant it was time to re-decorate!

(Apologies in advance for the low quality of the images; my laptop is dying so in order to play LOTRO, I've had to set my graphics to the lowest setting.)

Of course, after purchasing the Kinhouse, I decided to downsize – abandoning the personal homes from my VIP and f2p accounts and opting for just the kinhouse – and merge most of my toons into one Kin (Use Well the Days). If you see any characters sporting that name, don't be shy – say hello! And feel free to come visit me at 2 Waterbank Road, Ael Chaeron (Falathlorn Homestead).

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