26 July 2015

Weta Workshop's Comic-Con Preview and Pre-Order Dates

Mark your calendars, polystone collectors! Weta Workshop has released the pre-order dates for their newest arrivals: Minas Tirith, Uruk-hai, and Dain Ironfoot.

 Monday, August 3
The white city where the Men of Gondor defend the last outpost before the darkness that is Mordor.

 Monday, August 10
The terrifying legions of Saruman the White, created by the White Wizard in the caverns beneath Isengard.

 Monday, August 17
A late reinforcement to the Battle of the Five Armies, Dain and his fellow dwarves from the Iron Hills made a formidable fighting force. 

Be sure to visit http://wetanz.com/shop on the dates above to pre-order your polystone collectibles! 

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