15 November 2015

Collecting Tolkien: Housing Decorations

This week, I found even more unique Tolkien-related items; Etsy, which I have only recently started using, is a treasure-trove of goodies! You can find a wide variety of items priced for any budget. Several of my friends and family members have given me gifts purchased from Etsy, and I have been impressed with all of them, so that tends to be my go-to source when I'm looking for something new and interesting.

This week's theme is housing decorations. Each week I'll try to come up with a different theme of Tolkien-inspired finds!

60th Anniversary Lord of the Rings Wood Clock (Etsy)

'Never laugh at live dragons' woodburning (Etsy)

 Pyrography Thror's map (Etsy)

Tree of Gondor stained glass box (Etsy)

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